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We are a virtual law firm based out of Jacksonville, FL with two attorneys who enjoy collaborating with inventors and empowering innovators. Our area of practice focuses on intellectual property law, specifically patent law (inventions), trademarks (branding), and support documents involving either. Our patent and trademark attorneys in Jacksonville, FL, work with a variety of pioneers, from solo inventors to small and mid-sized businesses. We evaluate what they are doing and make recommendations to better protect their intellectual property. One of our attorneys is admitted to practice before the United States’ Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which is a requirement for patent application filings.

Fernando Dutra, ESQ Fernando Dutra, ESQ
An engaging and impassioned intellectual property attorney with a dry yet contagious sense of humor. Someone once told him he had “stage presence” after a speaking engagement and it made his year.

Fernando Dutra, ESQ


Fernando Dutra began his education studying biomedical engineering at the University of Connecticut (UConn), where he originally started pursuing his vision of a law career in intellectual property. While there, he shifted his focus to English and Political Science. During his time at UConn, he studied abroad and interned for the legal department at Dow Jones in London. Knowing he wanted to become an attorney, after graduation Fernando went directly to law school, where he received an international law certificate and pro bono honors.

Currently, Fernando is an attorney licensed to practice in Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. Prior to coming to Florida to start Wilson Dutra, Fernando practiced personal injury, corporate, and bankruptcy litigation in New York and New Jersey. He drafted motions, made court appearances, and handled no-fault automobile insurance AAA arbitrations. Fernando is ready to assist you with non-disclosure agreements, cease and desist letters, or license agreements in Jacksonville.


Camille A. Wilson, ESQ Camille A. Wilson, ESQ
A passionate and energetic patent attorney with a palpable enthusiasm for innovation

Camille A. Wilson, ESQ

Patent Attorney FLUSPTO

Camille Wilson began her education in biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University where she developed her technical background and her love for technology. She then transferred to Texas A&M in Galveston to pursue a degree in maritime administration. After working for around three years in the shipping industry in Savannah, she decided to go to law school. There she discovered the perfect platform to combine her background in business, love of writing, and passion for science and technology.

Directly out of law school, after passing both the Florida Bar and the Patent Bar, she worked as a contractor interacting with a team in the Research & Development department at a Fortune 50 Company. Because of the collaborative environment, she is listed as an inventor in dozens of patent applications and sixteen issued US patents. Over the years, as a patent attorney in Jacksonville, FL, she has drafted over one hundred patent applications, working with a range of inventors from research engineers to start-up companies to solo inventors. Camille is prepared to counsel you on patent law in Jacksonville, FL.


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