A Call to Arms!

for the adventurous spirit seeking a challenge

We are about to embark on a grand adventure and are looking for people to join us in our journey. If you are energized about helping others to build and protect their dreams, please take a look at the postings below. We look forward to learning more about you!

Marketing Mage-in-Training (Marketing Intern)

Location: Virtual (based out of Jacksonville, FL)

Type: Internship

Do you enjoy a challenge?

Is your mission in life to completely reshape the landscape of traditional marketing? Do you pine to experiment with entrenched industries that (stereotypically) don’t think outside the box? Is your idea of a fun Friday night playing within a sandbox to see what might create a steady return on investment for your clients? Do you research programs or applications that might streamline, maximize, and/or manage marketing? If your initial reaction to a prospect throwing a book of regulations at you to manage and figure out is “bring it on!”, have we got the internship for you! (Also, nice catch on that book.)

Wilson Dutra is a Jacksonville law firm that focuses on patents, trademarks, startups . . . and most importantly fun.  We have the amazing privilege to work with new tech and startups from a wide variety of markets.

If you’ve read this far, you may be chomping at the bit to see if you qualify for this internship. Here are a few things we would be looking for from you:

1.       Love fun.

2.       Love tech.

3.       Love learning.

4.       Have a solid sense of humor.

5.       Appreciate experience over wages.

6.      Can be creative within the bounds of regulated advertising.

7.      Available for a 8-10 week marketing development and implementation project.

If this is you, then please apply!  We need you now! 

This is not your standard internship posting, so naturally your application won’t be either.  Position may be paid depending on the project.

If you are interested, please send a cover letter addressing the following situation:

A young, up-and-coming law firm approaches you about developing a marketing plan and execution strategy for them revolving around patents and trademarks. They give you an open canvas and simply ask that you tell them what you would plan to do, how you would go about doing it, and how long it would take to execute.

Obviously this is a completely hypothetical situation that definitely does not apply to our law firm, but it may give us an idea of what you would plan to do. Please include examples where it might have worked for other companies (it doesn’t have to be 100% success, just something as a reference). You can include links, images, the best sites to learn more about the proposed solution . . . get creative and be authentic. 

You may also send us your resume and transcript, but understand that it will only give us context for your interests and background and will not completely affect whether we think you are a good fit.  If you have any software preferences, that may be helpful as well.

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