A Call to Arms!

for the adventurous spirit seeking a challenge

We are about to embark on a grand adventure and are looking for people to join us in our journey. If you are energized about helping others to build and protect their dreams, please take a look at the postings below. We look forward to learning more about you!

Legal Apprentice (Intellectual Property Law Intern)

Location: Virtual (based out of Jacksonville, FL)

Type: Internship

Tired of hearing that attorneys are bad at math and not scientifically inclined?  Did you enter law school fascinated with the world of brands and inventions?

Looking for a way to integrate your passion for learning into your excitement about tech?  Want to get first-hand experience learning about what goes on behind the scenes when building out a trademark application or drafting a patent application?  Perfect!  We have the internship for you!

Wilson Dutra is a virtual law firm based out of Jacksonville, Florida, that focuses on patents, trademarks, startups . . . and most importantly fun.  We have the amazing privilege to work with new tech and startups from a wide variety of markets. 

If you love researching new tech as much as we do, which is a lot, in case you were unsure, then be part of our growing team.  Help us help the startups and entreps out there.  We need your inquisitive mind to find out everything we need to know about the tech and brands we work with. 

For 6-10 weeks (or over the course of a semester), we want you to immerse yourself in whatever tech or brand world we pair you with.  Live it.  Love it.  Breathe it . . . then we want you to tell us how to do the same! 

We know.  You are looking for that list of requirements to see if you qualify for this internship.  Well, if you have read this far, then you likely are our ideal candidate.  But, just to make everyone feel better, we have compiled a very long list of characteristics that we feel would embody our best intern.

1.       Love fun.

2.       Love tech.

3.       Love learning.

4.       Have a solid sense of humor.

5.       Appreciate experience over wages.

6.       Available for a period of at least 6-10 weeks (or over the course of a semester).

7.      Prep a cover letter that addresses our question below (if you’re wondering why you didn’t get a call back or a response...you probably skipped this step).

If this is you, then please apply! 

This is not your standard internship posting, so naturally your application won’t be either. 

If you are interested, please send a cover letter describing your favorite tech or brand from the past decade.  We want specifics.  Don’t send us something like “televisions” or “video games.”  Tell us why you love the recent developments in autonomous driving, how ray tracing works to enhance rendering in video game experiences, or how Supreme has changed how brands interact with their customers.  We want to feel how passionate you are by your description.  You can include links, images, the best sites to learn more about the tech or brand . . . get creative and be authentic. 

You may send us your resume and transcript, but understand that it will only give us context for your interests and tech background and will not affect whether we think you are a good fit.  If you took intellectual law courses during law school, send your syllabi so we can see what topics you might be familiar with. 

Please note that we will not consider your application if you do not include a cover letter answering the above prompt.  If we mention it twice, it must be important, huh?

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