IP Evaluation

IP Evaluation.

protect your branding and tech

Filing for protection of your tech and branding is just the start to a strong IP strategy. Supporting documents are necessary and critical to your success.

Proactive steps may help to protect you from liability and keep you out of litigation, which can be a costly affair. Further, a productive approach to managing and defending your tech and branding may create additional revenue streams and strong business relationships. Work with our intellectual property law firm in Jacksonville to build an effective IP strategy.

Non-disclosure Agreements in Jacksonville

Why spend the time and money on filing for patent protection and not use strong non-disclosure agreements in Jacksonville during the development process?

Terms and Conditions

Why launch an awesome app and not make sure your users know the bounds of using your tech?

Consulting Agreements

Why build a business around developing other people’s tech and branding and then leave ownership of that IP ambiguous?

Cease & Desist Letters in Jacksonville

Why build an empire around a brand or product design and then let others use it? Let our firm handle your cease and desist letters in Jacksonville to help protect your brand. 

Licensing Agreements

Why not make your branding and tech work for you?


Do you think you or your business is involved in something related to intellectual property, but you’re just not sure? Are you making some big decisions about your business? Did you receive a contract from another company? Is it related to your branding, their branding, your product, their product?