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Have you worked hard to generate goodwill and establish a good reputation for your business? Starting a new endeavor or venture with a logo or interesting name? Creating a new product line? Want to file for protection on your branding? Want to feel confident that your branding is strong and protectable before investing a ton of money on marketing a specific name or logo design? Work with our trademark lawyer in Jacksonville to protect your intellectual property today.

Trademark Basics

A trademark may be a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others. It is shorthand for someone identifying a certain level of quality and making decisions accordingly.

The general purpose of trademark rules are to protect the consumer. So, the question always comes down to whether a consumer might be confused between your branding and another company’s branding. That confusion is more likely if there is a similar brand in your industry.

Filing Your Trademark Registration in Jacksonville

You may file for trademark protection at any time during the life of your business or product, whether you are just getting started, launching a new aspect of your business or a new product, or wish to capitalize on the goodwill you have generated over the years. Trademarks are often an overlooked business asset that can hold value for a company based on what they have achieved.

Without filing, you can still grow your brand organically, but once you have any business across state lines, you will be compared to other national brands whether you intend to be or not. Filing a trademark registration in Jacksonville gives you a strong presumption of national recognition and can help establish your brand early on, allowing you to build your empire with confidence.

Trademark Upkeep & Monitoring Services

After receiving a registered mark, you must maintain the trademark, continue to use it consistently, and periodically renew it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). You must also monitor your mark to make sure others aren’t using it without your permission and to make sure there aren’t counterfeit versions on the market. At Wilson Dutra, our trademark attorney in Jacksonville can help monitor your trademark post registration and send cease and desist letters on your behalf.